How to use Announcement feature

Announcement feature :

Announcement feature : This feature is available on the agent App.

lets look at how to send announcements to the agents in the agent app.

Firstly from the Tookan dashboard, go to extensions

Search for broadcast extension

Broadcast extension : Broadcast allows you to send a message to several agents in one go effortlessly. You can also keep a check on broadcast in-app messages in the past.

It allows you to broadcast in-app messages from the dashboard

Choose agents, enter a message and broadcast it easily

View previously sent broadcasts through message history.

Once you activate it, go back to the Tookan dashboard

click on extension you will get the broadcast option.

announcement feature

A pop up will appear wherein

You need to select a team

Select an agent

Select a schedule if you want to send it now or send later

Add title which is a mandatory field

Enter the message that you want to send to the respective agents

Once you fill in the details click on save and the message will be sent to particular agents who will be viewing these announcements on the agent app.

If you would like to do any settings in agent app regarding how things appear in agent app

Go to settings > agent app

There are various options which would help you customize.

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