Can I Get Upcoming Task Notification In-App?

You will a receive a reminder task notification 30 minutes prior the scheduled tasks.

Delay in the task notification: What does it mean to your business?

Reading it for the first time might bring a few doubts in your mind about whether it is a positive sign for your delivery business or not! But believe us, this is one of the perks that you can experience while you opt to go for Batchwise allocation. 

In simpler terms, it can be defined as a smart feature that prioritizes the idle agents to get an earlier notification to do the task rather than giving it to the busy agents at first. It will reduce the delivery SLA as inactive agents can pick up the task and do their job. 

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Batchwise Allocation: What does it mean?

As the name suggests, batchwise allocation allows sending the upcoming task notifications to multiple agents in batches. Any agent who wishes to pick the task can accept the job from the Batch. If none of the agents accept the task, the next Batch will get notifications, and the cycle goes on! 

A detailed Flow Chart to understand Batchwise Allocation

 Situation A

Task Comes → Notification sent to Batch A → Available agent accepts task → Delivery Done. 

Situation B

Task Comes  → Notification sent to Batch A → No one accepts from Batch A  → Notification sent to Batch B → Available agent accepts task  → Delivery Done.

Team Tookan suggested Batchwise Allocation to the client to ensure the day to day hassles of delayed delivery shall vanish completely. The client was finding it hard to offer timely order deliveries because of incompetent task allocation to the delivery agents. 

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