Common FAQ’s on Tookan

Check out the answers to the common queries asked regarding Tookan. We hope these FAQ’s help and your queries are sorted.

Question 1 Agent is assigned the task but showing this error on the agent app.

Error: There is no task(s) for filters applied.

Answer- This is no issue, the agent has applied filters in the search bar, kindly advise the agent to remove the filter and then see.

Question 2. Agent has no tasks, still on the agent pane it shows that the agent is busy.

Answer: this issue persists mainly due to two reasons:

(i) Either the agent has not marked the previous task complete on the same day or the previous day.

(ii) Or when the agent accepts the assigned task but the admin changes the assignment from agent A to Agent B from the dashboard (update task), for agent A this task remains incomplete. He will not be marked free unless another task has been assigned to him manually and he completes it.

Question 3. In the connected task, where there is a single pickup and multiple deliveries, why are Customers able to see other customer’s addresses?

Answer: This happens if you have enabled a single tracking link on the preferences. If you disable this, then this issue will be sorted.

Steps to follow: Go to settings>>preferences>>disable single tracking link

Question 4. Why are we not able to create from tookan dashboard?

Answer- When creating a task on the Tookan dashboard, you need to select the address from the dropdown. If you do not select that, your task will not be created.

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