Custom Review Template now available on Tookan


Now customers can post their review for a delivery from the tracking link by using the custom review template feature

This will allow you as the administrator to get quality feedback from your customers directly in the task details without having to take any extra measures.

We all know that customer reviews are paramount for all successful businesses. And now you would have the ability to receive them on Tookan by following a few simple steps.


Please visit your tookan dashboard and go to the settings and then open up the preferences page.

Step 2

On the preferences page look for the option ‘Custom review template’ and then enable that option.

A set of options will appear below.

Step 3

Once you see the options, turn on the toggle for the number of categories you want your customers to review and update.

Step 4
After clicking on update, your template will be saved for your customers to use.

Please refer to the video below for steps to create a custom review template.

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