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Check out the answers to the common queries asked regarding Tookan. We hope these FAQ’s help and your queries are sorted.

Here are the FAQ’s

1.Why are the manager and the admin not able to export the tasks from the list view?

Answer: Please check if there is any outstanding pending and clear the same. So that you get the required data.

2. How is task count calculated in Tookan?

Answer: The task count is calculated as follows- 

– If the task contains only a single pickup then it is counted as one task.

– And, if the task contains only a single delivery then it is counted as one task.

– Moreover, if the task contains single pickup and single delivery then it is counted as one task.

– Furthermore, if the task includes single Pickup and multiple deliveries or vice versa, then each stop is counted as Half task”

3. How can I ensure that my agent is not providing the task to someone that does not belong to my organization ?

Answer: You can use the Workforce Identity Management extension for the same. 

1) Every time an agent signs in for duty, the app triggers a camera for a real time identification.

 2) Low cost identity matching in-app solution with reliable results. 

3) And then, enable your app to confirm user identities using high end face detection technology.

4. Why does SMS gateways not reflect on dashboard, after enabling it from Tookan extensions.

Answer: Please follow the steps and check 

1. Log out from Tookan dashboard 

2. Hard refresh the browser and clear out cache files 

3. Re-login and check if the sms provider is visible then 

However, please try logging into Tookan dashboard from different web browser, incognito windows.

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