Frequently Asked Questions on Tookan

Check out the answers to the frequently asked questions on Tookan. We hope these FAQ’s help you with your queries.

1. Client’s Agent wallet reflects balance in minus.

This occurs when a client manually assigns the task to agents and he has selected the configuration Debit From Wallet and there is no amount in the wallet that’s why it’s showing a negative balance.

2. The agent’s location is getting shown miles away from where he really is. The agent app is also updated.                                                                                   

Following could be the possible reasons. Check these troubleshooting steps.

1. Firstly, check for the Network issue

2. GPS accuracy issue. If the GPS location accuracy level is above 25% then the app does not send the location to the system.

3. Battery optimization settings on the phone or phone in low power mode.

4. Enable background app refresh in iOS

5. If the phone’s battery is below 15% then the phone’s OS restricts the background location services.

6. The Agent speed above 140 km/hr

7. Team Accuracy should be High

8. Also, Auto Start or allow apps in background option should be enabled (Phone to phone varies)

3. Only one task is getting assigned to one agent

So go to Tookan Side Menu > Settings > Agent App > On-Demand Workflow

4. When a rider/driver is sent an image as an attachment, it does not show up on the Agent App. How should we attach images to the dispatch task?

When you create any task there is the option of attaching any kind of image file to it. The agent will see this image on his app. In order to attach images to dispatched tasks you need to edit the task. You can do that by going to Dashboard > Click on Tasks in the left bar.

Complete list of tasks will appear with all details. Under the extreme right column of actions, click on the three dots icon.Click on Edit. Update the details and click on ‘Submit’ to save the changes.

1. Not able to add Manager. Why is that?

This occurs when no role has been assigned to the managers on Tookan. Hence, under Menu > Settings > ACL > Select the Manager from the dropdown (top) > Add role. 

Assign this role to your managers

2. Whenever any manager tries to create any task, most of the time newly created customers are not showing. However, the customer is showing with the admin login.

Kindly switch off the option “Enable Controlled Access”

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