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Check out the answers to the frequently asked questions regarding Tookan. We hope these FAQ’s help and your queries are sorted.

Why are Managers not able to see all the tasks?

Answer: Please check in the Manager Settings if a particular booking form is assigned to him under the Manager’s profile. (The manager will only be able to access those tasks which are created from assigned forms.)

How to get the “Cancellation reason” for a task in the CSV while Exporting the data

Answer: Kindly follow the following steps : 1) Go to Tookan admin dashboard >> side menu >> settings >> agent app >> Task cancel reasons ( Here please check and confirm of the reasons have been added or not ) 2) Go to admin dashboard >> List View 3) Task Export 4) Select the checkbox for ” Include Timeline ” 5) Add the timeline 6) Export the data

Distance is not being calculated even after enabling Google Map API

Answer: Please check if the following APIs are successfully activated in the Google Map key

1.Maps Javascript API

2.Places API

3.Roads API

4.Directions API

5.Geocoding API

6.Distance matrix

Most importantly Direction & Distance APIs need to be enabled. If you still face the issue, please raise a ticket with Google cloud services for quick resolution since the Map API key is provided by Google

If the marker for one of my drivers isn’t moving on my map then how can I troubleshoot this?

Answer:  Kindly follow the settings for device:

a. Firstly go to Settings -> Apps -> Tookan Agent -> Battery -> Allow background activity (enable)

b. Then go to Phone Settings -> Apps -> Tookan Agent -> Battery -> Optimize battery usage -> Select Tookan agent -> Disable Tookan Agent optimization

Finally please make sure agents have followed these settings.

When agents open the app it’s working fine, after few hours it stop moving in the map unless they reopen the app again

Answer: Please check the following settings:

1. Firstly please check if the agents have an active internet connection

2. Then check if the Tookan agent app is allowed to run in the background

3. Moreover if agents have allowed location access for Tookan Agent app – “Always allow”

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