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Your payment will depend on your employer. Please contact to your employer for questions related to when and how will you get paid.

For you to see your earnings on the mobile app, the Admin needs to enable the Pricing and Earning extension.You can see your earnings after the task completes. In the earnings tab, you can also see your weekly and monthly earnings.

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To see day wise earnings: Select the date on the calendar and see your task and earnings for that day.

  • List View : All the current day’s tasks appear as a scrollable list at the app homepage. You can scroll to view the tasks and click on the task to know the details corresponding to that particular task.
  • Calendar View : The Calendar View allows you to view both past tasks and those aligned for the coming days. In the view, you can see either or both red and blue dots on top of a date. The Red dot indicates incomplete tasks and the Blue Dot indicates the tasks assigned for that date.
  • Map View : In the map view, all the current days task appear in a scrollable view at the bottom- particularly beneficial when you want to see the task location when you view a task. Scroll left and right to view the tasks and their corresponding locations on the map. To view the task details, click on the task title.

Tookan Earnings: Easiest way to get paid

Tookan is a Workforce Management tool used by businesses worldwide to cater to their multiple business needs. With a range of best in class features for complete automated management systems, Tookan has been known and understood as one of the most competitive delivery management tools available today.

Get Paid

For further details on payment details, please refer to this article: How do i track what should be paid to agents?

For any other queries related to Tookan please refer to Tookan Helpdesk.

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