Number Masking-Clients shouldn’t See my Number

Number Masking Extension: I Don’t Want My Customers To See My Agents Number During Delivery Of Tasks. What Should I Do?

You have to enable Number Masking Extension from Tookan extension marketplace. This extension will mask numbers of agents and customers from one another.

What other type of extensions apart from Number Masking Extension are offered by Tookan Delivery Management Software?

  1. Number Masking Extension: Organisations can ensure complete privacy by masking their customer’s numbers from delivery agents.
  2. Map Overlays: Enterprises can personalize Tookan maps as per their business needs. 
  3. Broadcast: Admins can broadcast business-relevant in-app messages to their delivery agents effortlessly.
  4. Tookan Form: Organisations can embed customer booking forms within their system, as per their desired URL name.
  5. Shopify Integration: Users can integrate Tookan delivery management platform with their Shopify account, facilitating smart businesses. 
  6. Video Calls: Organisations can enable communication between customers and delivery agents, via video calls. 
  7. Hippo Live Chat: Agents can communicate with individual customers via live chat. 
  8. Custom Reports: Enterprises can generate custom reports out of data available with Tookan Delivery management software.

The automated dispatch feature of the software, auto assigns customer orders to the nearest and available agent. Further, organizations can create recurring tasks with custom rules as per their needs. Enterprises can monitor the activities of their field agents leveraging the geofencing feature. It can be further configured to accommodate merchant onboarding, rating and feedback tracking.

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