Integrate WooCommerce With Tookan

Integrate WooCommerce With Tookan: When it comes to delivery management for eCommerce, timing is everything. Delivery delays can hurt your business, and the pandemic has been harsh to your order schedules. 18% of customers leave an eCommerce platform due to slow deliveries. 


Therefore if you are struggling with your delivery automation, Tookan is one tool you can use for smart delivery management. It helps eCommerce businesses to automate delivery allocations, track orders, and automate order management activities. 

WooCommerce is another excellent plugin for your eCommerce WordPress website. According to, 93.7% of WordPress eCommerce websites use the WooCommerce plugin. 

Together with Tookan and WooCommerce, you can leverage extraordinary delivery management and smarter order handling. 

therefore , let’s look at a step-by-step guide on how to integrate Tookan with WooCommerce. 

There are two ways to integrate WooCommerce with your Tookan account: 

  1. With Zapier as a trigger
  2. Direct Integration

Method 1: With Zapier

Step1: WooCommerce Login

Log in to your WooCommerce account from the official portal or even from your WordPress website. 

Step1: Tookan-Woocommerce Integration

Now go to  to purchase WooCommerce Zapier pugin.

Step1: Tookan-Woocommerce Integration

It is a trigger app that helps with the initiation of tasks from WooCommerce to an automated smart delivery tool like Tookan. Zapier app offers 1000 tasks for free that you can initiate by entering the two apps or tools in the option of creating a workflow. But for business purposes, you can buy the Zapier plugin.

2: Zapier workflow

On the Zapier dashboard, you will have to create “Zap”. Next is to select the type of task from choices like the pickup, delivery and others.

Step2: Tookan-Woocommerce Integration

Once you create the zap, you have trigger the initiation of the task on the zap’s dashboard.

Step2: Tookan-Woocommerce Integration

Next, you will have to choose WooCommerce into the app event field which will link with the Tookan account for task automation. 

Step2: Tookan-Woocommerce Integration

Now choose the trigger event in the Zap on WooCommerce account, and then login to your WooCommerce account.

3: WooCommerce Login

First, enter the WooCommerce account you want to login, and click on “ Connect a new account.”

Step3: Tookan-Woocommerce Integration

Once you are logged into your account, click on the continue to reach the trigger page for initiation of the task. 

Step3: Tookan-Woocommerce Integration

4: Trigger

Now set up the trigger on the zap dashboard after the login by entering the type of task which is an order in our case.

Step4: Tookan-Woocommerce Integration

5: Test Trigger

Now your zap is ready, and you can create a test trigger for the action initiation in the Tookan account from WooCommerce. The first step towards the trigger is to create a test action. 

Step5: Tookan-Woocommerce Integration

For creating a test action to trigger task on Tookan account follow this pattern- action> app event> tookan

Step5: Tookan-Woocommerce Integration

Next, create an action event like delivery task or a pickup task for your order from the sliding down menu. 

Step5: Tookan-Woocommerce Integration

Once you have selected the event, just click on continue to create the action trigger. Now you will have to login to your Tookan account from the test trigger. 

Step5: Tookan-Woocommerce Integration

For the login, you will need to generate an API key from your Tookan account. 

6: API Key Generation in Tookan

For an API key generation, you first need to login to your Tookan account from the official portal- [Tookan | Enterprise Delivery Management System | JungleWorks]. Click on the three-lined icon on the top left of the dashboard to open the menu.

Step6: Tookan-Woocommerce Integration

Click on the settings option that will lead to the page with multiple options like notifications, orders, SMS, email, billing, and API keys. Now click on the API key option, and you will be redirected to the page where the access code is generated. 

Step6: Tookan-Woocommerce Integration

There are two sets of API keys here, one is V1, or the Personal Access Token (PAT), and the other is the V2 key. You can copy both the keys for further use, especially the PAT. 

Step6: Tookan-Woocommerce Integration

Use the API keys to log in to your Tookan account on Zapier test trigger creation page. 

7: Mapping Between WooCommerce & Tookan

Once you are logged into your Tookan account in the Zapier, you need to map orders between WooCommerce and Tookan. For this you need to enter the order ID from WooCommerce into the zap. 

Step7: Tookan-Woocommerce Integration

Similarly you need to map all the order details on WooCommerce on the zap for action triggers into Tookan.

8: Test & Review

Click on the option “Test & Review” to check whether the test trigger is successful or not. 

Step8: Tookan-Woocommerce Integration

If the test trigger is successful, a new task will be created on your Tookan account visible even on the official dashboard. 

Step8: Tookan-Woocommerce Integration

Benefits of Integration

Once you integrate the eCommerce platform with a Tookan account, your orders would be automatically added to your dashboard. So, you can view all the order details and allocate delivery tasks to specific personnel. It even automates the entire allocation in specific priority tasks. 

Tookan makes the delivery management smarter and order-tracking relatively smooth. As you get the tracking link with the automated order task, the tracking activity becomes easy. So, you can maximize your orders with optimum routing, automation, and easy tracking. Another benefit is to reduce the third party commission charges per order. 


in conclusion Tookan is the future of delivery automation with a unique amalgamation of features and tools for order management. The integration will help your eCommerce platform scale better by catering to your consumers’ higher delivery demands.

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