Route Optimization

Route Optimization

Route optimization is the process of finding the most efficient route for a vehicle or fleet of vehicles to travel, in terms of distance, time, or other criteria. This can involve using algorithms and mathematical models to determine the best path for the vehicles to take, taking into account factors such as traffic conditions, road closures, and the number of vehicles that need to be routed.

Route optimization is used in a variety of industries, such as transportation, logistics, and delivery services. It can help companies to reduce their transportation costs, improve their delivery times, and reduce the environmental impact of their vehicles. Some of the most commonly used applications of route optimization include delivery logistics, trucking, and ride-hailing companies.

With this extension in Tookan, you can optimize your delivery tasks and assign them directly to the customers.

To use Route Optimization in Tookan you must enable our Route Optimization Extension, go to:

Tookan Admin Dashboard > Extensions > Enter “Route Optimization” in the search bar> Activate Route Optimization

This extension is also visible under Agent or Utility Tabs on the extension screen

The ‘Route Optimization extension currently supports two different optimization solutions as mentioned below:

  • Tookan RO-This uses Mappr’s Route Optimization algorithm
  • Google Cloud Fleet Routing (CFR)-This uses Google’s Route Optimization algorithm

A client can opt for either of the two based on their requirements.

Mappr’s Route Optimization

Mappr makes it fast and easy to plan efficient routes, saving your business precious time and fuel. Through Mappr in Tookan, you can optimize the route via two options:

  • Optimize Route which means optimizing all unassigned tasks for the day
  • RO by Geofence which means optimizing all unassigned tasks in a marked geofence for the day

Both options are visible at the bottom of the “Unassigned” task tab on the Tookan admin dashboard.

Upon selecting the “Optimize Route” option a dialog box will open where you can:

  • Select unassigned tasks to be optimized
  • Set criteria for route optimization
  • Select agents to assign the optimized tasks

Dialog Box screen for route optimization

Dialog Box screen for route optimization

Set the optimization parameters, click on “Optimize Route” and voila your routes are optimized.

Kindly watch the video below to learn more:

Google Cloud Fleet Routing (CFR)

Google Cloud Fleet Routing (CFR) addresses complex vehicle routing needs, such as creating a plan for deliveries and delivery vehicles, while also applying constraints such as pickup time and package weight. CFR can create routing plans either asynchronously or in near real-time, depending on the number of vehicles in your routing plan.

To configure Google Cloud Fleet Routing (CFR) you must enter the CFR project name and CFR Token while activating the Route Optimization extension. This information will be provided by Google.

Activating Route Optimization through Google CFR

Kindly note in case no project name and CFR token is entered system will use the Google CFR via Mappr. In that case, the billing will be done via Mappr.

For more information on Google Cloud Fleet Routing (CFR) kindly refer to the links below:

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