Set product and service task through Tookan

To set product and service task through Tookan, if you wish them to go together, this is possible. For Delivery we use pick up and delivery work flow, for services we have appointment workflow. So you can use 2 tabs and use both the tasks will com in for both pick up and services.

The service workflow can be made possible through Tookan Appointment Workflow

Tookan offers Online Appointment Scheduling and has everything you need to grow and manage your business. Businesses that use this workflow include Make-up artists, Home services, Auto-repair services, Wedding stylists, and many more.

Onboarding Professionals

Agents are the Professionals who would provide home services as per the appointment Scheduling created and assigned to them by you. most importantly, most importantly you can onboard an agent in 3 ways.

Creating Product and Service task through Tookan

You can create tasks or appointments on Tookan in 5 different ways:
Create Task Button,

Bulk CSV upload,

Customer App,

Tookan Booking Form, and APIs

After you create tasks on the dashboard the main part that comes into the picture is task assignment.

once you assign the task to the agent only then he would be able to perform further action on the task.

There are 2 methods you can use to assign tasks –
– Manual
– Auto Allocation

1. Manual Assignment
In the case of manual assignment, you (admin) have to manually assign the tasks to the agent from the dashboard

Assigning a task to an agent can be done in three different ways:

you have to Create a new task, by selecting any one of the following
Create Task OR Bulk Import Tasks
Fill in all the details in the Task creation form.
Select a Team from the drop-down.
Choose one or multiple agents from ‘Assign agent’.
lastly Click on ‘Submit’ to save the task.

2. Auto Allocation

you can automatically assign your tasks in Tookan using the Auto Assignment feature. To enable/disable Auto Allocation go to Menu > Settings > Account Setup > Auto Allocation.

The auto-assignment is done based on two parameters:
– Nearest agent (based on displacement)
– Available agent (based on the time slot)

therefore Based on your business requirement, you can set the push notification which is sent to the agents, in one of the following ways:

To know more about Appoint Workflow

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