“Tasks created via WooCommerce integration show location as unknown”

“Tasks created via WooCommerce integration show location as unknown”


Screenshot of the task details on the Tookan Dashboard.

This can be an issue due to:

  • Misconfiguration at Tookan or WooCommerce end
  • Map services

If you encounter this issue, please follow the checks below:

  1. Check which map service you are using: Google or Mappr and ensure that the Map keys are correct and configured in the Tookan Dashboard. Go to Settings > Preferences > Map Configuration. Refer screenshot below:
  1. If the map keys are added and correct, ensure that your company location in the profile section of the Tookan Dashboard is updated. Go to Settings>Profile > check/update the Company Address and save the changes. Refer screenshot below:
  1. In case the issue still persists, then you must check if the task was created from a region other than your company’s operating region since the default map will be centered on the location from the company address.
  2. At last, you may check at WooCommerce’s end how are they passing the location data to the Tookan-via text address or latitude longitude of the address. 
    1. If the latitude and longitude are sent via API for the task, kindly ensure that it must be correct and accurate corresponding to the pickup/delivery address or the lat long value passed must not be 0 (zero).
    2. If WooCommrce is passing only the address, kindly ensure that the address is correct since incorrect addresses cannot be identified by map services.
  3. The issue you face can also be with a specific region/address since sometimes maps do not pick certain locations. If such is the case this can be checked by our team.
  4. Other steps to try:
    1. Hard refresh the dashboard
    2. Disconnect and reconnect the system’s internet
    3. Double-check the browser’s permission settings
    4. Restart your device
    5. For Google maps, ensure that the geolocation API and Places API are activated

If the above steps do not resolve the issue you may reach out to our support team with a request to replicate the issue. Be sure to include Tookan and WooCommerce admin account credentials: ID and Password, consent to create test orders/tasks, task IDs with the issue, specific region/address identified with the issue, and a screenshot or step-by-step video with a brief of the problem faced.

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