Tookan || Smart Delivery Management Platform

Tookan is a  SaaS (Software as a Service) based Smart Delivery Management Platform

It is a smart tool that manages all your delivery operations from one platform to enhance efficiency and deliver exceptional customer experience at scale.

Build your Delivery Management System

Businesses have changed their outlook towards the last-mile delivery service. Delivering the orders within the same day has now become a crucial metric. With Tookan, reinforce your delivery services and scale your business operations

What does Tookan Offer?

Manager Apps 

Firstly, Native mobile apps for managers to manage end to-end delivery operation

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Secondly, Dispatch dashboard to manage your business from a centralized view

Agent Apps

Above all, Mobile-Friendly Apps for service agents for hasslefree delivery of orders

Customer Apps

Native mobile apps for iOS & android to access on the -go. Web Booking form is also available.

Top Notch Features:

Real-Time Tracking 

Track vehicles and agents in real-time and get a bird’s eye view of all the tasks being performed by them. However, to keep your customers updated throughout the order delivery cycle by sending them real-time SMS alerts at various stages

Route Optimization

In addition, Tookan rescues you from hours of manual planning and provides you with the most efficient route for your agent. Optimized routes avoid unnecessary consumption of fuel, which saves substantial costs to your business.


Simplify your task assignment process and categorize your fleet efficiently. Mark the working area of your agents by creating multiple geofences.

Other Features

Above all, access control Lists, Data-Driven Analytics & Reports, Offline Sync, Attendance Tracking, Proof of Delivery, Notifications and Alerts.

Use-cases supported by Tookan:

Delivery Management 

Track order fulfillment cycle from order received, dispatched to final delivery. 

Appointment Scheduling 

Above all, ensure seamless customer experience by providing one touch solutions for easy booking of your services. 

Task Automation 

Have your orders auto-assigned to your nearest & available delivery agents. 

Field Service Management

Similarly, maximize your fleet efficiency & boost profits with a complete field force management solution. 

Powerful Integrations:

These integrations will help you improve the services.

Payment Gateways 

For example, from Paypal to Razorpay to Paytm, Tookan has integrated with over 100+ external payment gateways from around the world.

SMS Gateways 

These integrations govern the end-to-end communications between businesses and customers 

Ordering Platforms

However, Tookan seamlessly integrates with ordering platforms to increase workforce productivity and improve the ordering and delivery process.


All types of businesses are empowered by Tookan. Few examples are:
1.Pickup & Delivery
2.Beauty Services
3.Health & well-being
4.Home Services
5.Mobile Workforce Repair Services

In addition, check out the video for a complete demonstration of the platform.

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