Schedule: Why Can’t I Edit My Schedule?

You can only edit your schedule if you have the permission access from admin. Please contact admin for the schedule editing permission.

The concept of delivery optimization is about creating better delivery routes on a strategic and operational level.

This is irrespective of whether they are running a standalone delivery business or are delivering food/groceries/medicines, etc., by their partner establishments.

Tookan’s mobile workforce management software is designed to offer a unified solution to hire, manage and schedule your field workers. Besides having a separate workforce management software, the Tookan delivery dispatch model also offers automated scheduling and dispatching. It is advantageous for businesses in the delivery business. In the next slide, we will look at some of Tookan’s best features that make it a resounding success in the industry.

Fleet scheduling systems help manage, control, analyze and optimize the daily delivery tasks. Data is the fodder for these systems, and they analyze the same to churn out intelligent suggestions. They also provide recommendations for the deliveries in real-time. Among other purposes of fleet management , identifying the bottlenecks in the field and at the backend is vital to seamless deliveries. 

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