Stage 3- Setting up Payments

A very important part of setting up the platform is configuring the Payment Gateway.¬† Panther as a platform supports multi currency and hence users can transact in multiple currencies.   Setting up Payment Gateway 1. To configure payment gateway , go to Admin dashboard> Configure> Payment Gateway 2. Once you […]

Stage 5- Marketing the Platform

Panther as a platform, is well equipped with a number of features to Market the platform, once the setup is complete.   1. Setting up the SEO The first step towards marketing the platform is to set up the SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) for increased visibility of the platform […]

Rescheduling Appointments

Rescheduling appointments on Panther is now available with the Reschedule feature. Appointments can be rescheduled both by the expert or the user. Please note: Whenever an appointment is rescheduled, it is mandatory for the other party to accept the rescheduled appointment or the appointment will remain scheduled at the original […]

Learn about Customer Subscriptions

Create Subscription plans for Customers¬† As an admin it gives you an additional revenue stream to promote plans with value added features as mentioned below, for fixed duration. As a user, you have the option to avail a discount on consultations in the form of Subscription plan rather than paying […]