What is Tiger?

Tiger is a peer-to-peer marketplace platform and can be used for renting, selling, offering services or even giving things away for free. With the help of order types, you can create a marketplace type that suits your needs. You can choose to accept online payments , cash or only facilitate […]

Setting up the Marketplace

What is the Get Started Guide? The Get Started Guide is the page that meets you every time you go to your admin panel. The guide includes steps that will kickstart your marketplace journey and should be done when you have created your marketplace. By doing them you get an […]

Configure The Search Functionality

One can configure your marketplace’s search to search based on keyword, location or both. Where does the search find from? Tiger’s keyword search finds from the following fields (in order of preference): Listing title Listing description Text listing field contents Category of the listing Location of the listing (street name, […]