Live Chat

Live chat is an option available where you can take over any chat being handled by the bot to provide more personalised support or solve a complex issue that the bot might not be able to fix. They are segmented into two parts: All Chats My Chats


Chatbots are the most important customer support tools of all time. They generally handle initial conversations and sort general queries of customers, but they are powerful enough to replace your agents and handle whole conversations, provide support and generate leads.   Click here to learn all about chatbots.


Conversational Support Dashboard allows you to handle chats and perform multiple functions to provide seamless customer support with the help of Chatbots WhatsApp Widget Live Chat Phone Call Audio/Video calling   All the chats on the dashboard are segmented into 2 parts: All Chats My Chats   Features available to […]

Business Interfaces

HIPPO provides the following interfaces to your stakeholders. A web dashboard for the admin and support agents A mobile application for the support agents (optional) so that they can access and manage chats from anywhere anytime You can rebrand the mobile application and web dashboard with your brand name and […]

How to sign up for HIPPO?

How to sign up for HIPPO? Signing up on Hippo is very easy. HIPPO offers a free trial period of 14 days after which you can choose a pricing plan. Follow the steps to sign up: Go to: in your web browser. Click on any of the blue tabs […]

Conversational Support

Conversational Support enables you to provide you with best-in-class customer support. Customer journey is not linear, they regularly jump from one channel to another throughout the process. For the same reason, you have to have the context of the previous talks, every time you provide support. Chat, call, or conference […]