Home is the dashboard for your Hippo Connect. You can manage basic data with APIs, credits from here. You can set up auto-recharge also. You can send SMS and emails from here: By default max SMS limit: 100 To increase your limit get your account whitelisted. Reach out to your […]


Campaigns Campaigns help you to connect and engage with users as well as retain them. Through engagement automation you can create: Instant Campaigns Scheduled Campaigns Recurring Campaigns Let’s understand each of them! >Instant Campaigns An instant campaign is an ad hoc campaign through which you can broadcast a message to […]

RFM Analysis

RFM Metrics RFM metric helps you to understand your contact’s buying behavior. It helps you to understand the recency, frequency, and monetary value of each of your contacts so that you can segment your contacts and market to them accordingly. You can view this data for the current day, the […]


Overview Email Support Notifications (In-app messages) Mobile Push Notifications WhatsApp SMS Popup Web Push Notifications

WhatsApp Widget

WhatsApp widget is a feature available to you with the  Conversational Support platform. You can enable it to replace the web widget as well as use it along. It enables you to help your visitors on their favourite social media app. Follow the steps to enable the WhatsApp widget: Click […]

Audio/Video Calling

Hippo meet helps you to provide one to one support to your customers that feels more personalised. videoSDK is enabled on Hippo.  To learn more about videoSDK, click here. Hippo meet provides you with all the basic features like camera and mic toggle, raise hands, in-meet chat, screen sharing and […]

Phone Calling

Although old, phone call is still the most effective mode of communication. Hippo is integrated with Plivo for calling.  To learn more about Plivo, click here.

My Chats

Your organisation may have multiple agents and they would definitely be handling different chats. “My Chats” show the agent the chats which are assigned to him or he has taken over from the bot.  Following are the features available in the chat menu: Online Status Agent Assignment Close Chat Saved […]