Bulk Assignment in Mission View

Bulk assignment in Mission view on Tookan is a feature that helps agents with quick acceptance

Let’s understand how Mission view works, with an example. If you have different types of deliveries such as food delivery, flower delivery and parcel delivery. All these deliveries have different requirements, but you can manage to have a track on them seamlessly using mission view.

By the help of Bulk Assignment, agents would be able to accept or decline all tasks under Mission with a single click. Instead of receiving the notification for each task individually and then accepting or rejecting them.

This feature would be helpful for a seamless flow of tasks from administrator to the agents in mission view

Follow the steps as mentioned below

Tookan Dashboard > Side Menu > Settings > Preferences > Missions Task Assignment > Enable Bulk Assignment

Bulk Assignment in Mission View

Refer to the demo video to know more about the feature

Also click here to know more about Mission View on Tookan

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