Connected Task in tookan

connected task in tookan : When more than one stops are created at once and assigned to the same agent, they together constitute a Connected task.
Note: Client can assign different agents to the stops in a connected task in tookan if he wants.

Connected tasks in tookan can be viewed from list view in your tookan

Create Tasks on tookan through different ways

You can send orders or create tasks on Tookan through 6 different ways –
Create Task Button, Bulk CSV upload, Customer App, Tookan Booking Form, APIs, and through Yelo (Ordering Platform).

1. firstly through Create Task Button

The ‘Create Task’ button is located right on the top bar for easy accessibility from the List view and Map view.
Through you can create pickup and delivery tasks

You can create –
Only pickup tasks
Only delivery tasks
Single pickup and multiple delivery tasks
Multiple pickup and single delivery tasks


When you click on the pickup/delivery button, it expands with detail fields.
Add details like Name, Contact Number, Email Address, Order ID, Address, Time and Description.
You could also upload a reference image and select a suitable template.
You could also add multiple pickup/delivery points by clicking on Add Another Point.

Mandatory fields – Address, Date and Time

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