Don’t Want My Agents To Decline The Task

Don’t Want My Agents To Decline The Task : :

I Don’t Want My Agents To Decline The Task. How Do I Make Sure That They Can Not Reject A Task I Have Assigned Them?

for the same go to menu > Settings > AGENT App > Acknowledgement Type . Disable the Accept/Decline option.

Agent app settings on tookan .

To change the agent app settings in Tookan , you can go to Tookan dashboard > settings > agent app .

agent app settings will enable or disable various functionalities.

used for the agents where agent can acknowledge the receipt of the task

or accept or decline a task based on the selection.

App milestones

you can Reduce the number of milestones required to complete a task.

basic milestones include start, arrive, successful.

Task fail/cancel reason

This configuration enables you to give a set of predefined reasons

which can be selected by the Agent when they mark a task as failed or cancelled.

Successful Distance Restriction

This setting allows the Agents to mark the task ‘successful’ only when they are within a certain distance from the stop location.

Cancel Task Limit

This setting limits the Agent to mark the task ‘Cancelled’. Agent cannot mark the task ‘Cancelled’ if they reach the limit.

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