Bumbl: How Can I Add Credits To Bumbl?

Settings > SMS > Select Bumbl from drop down > Go to Bumbl dashboard > Home > Payment section > Add Credits

As our first step, we have replaced the process of sending SMS to customers and field agents in Tookan by Bumbl. As This would give our clients the maximum control over their communication with the customers. And It would alleviate a lot of problems related to choosing the target audience and tracking the campaigns. it would also provide an in-depth analysis of each and every SMS that has been sent.

In the coming days, Bumbl would be able to track user’s activity with custom events. It can filter out users, and give you suggestions. But It can also help you create the perfect campaigns to promote your market growth in the best possible way.

Bumbl: Marketing Automation

Firstly Marketing automation is the methodology that automates the entire marketing process and versatile campaigns across various streams. Secondly Using it will help enterprises reach out to customers with automated messages, personalized offers, etc. It is found that nearly 80% of marketing automation users saw good raises in leads. A marketing automation flow is designed to facilitate the prospect’s journey. It can ease out manual processes of sending out emails and offers. To start with, you should figure out the insights in the workflow

For an instance, when a prospect enters your page for some valuable resource offered by you, it can be one of the ideal ways to have them join the workflow. You can then further submit suitable content and nurture the lead. It would help take them down the sales funnel as this would enhance your business.

Get in touch with us to discuss how it can benefit you and help your business grow.

For any other queries related to Tookan please refer to Tookan Helpdesk. At Jungleworks, we believe in constantly putting efforts to evolve our products. Which help our clients grow their business in the right direction at a fast pace.

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