How Can I Change My Auto Allocation Algorithm?

You easily change your allocation algorithm if you go to Menu > Settings > Auto-Allocation. To read more about auto-allocation and their working please click here

Auto Allocation

In order to, Automatically assign your tasks in Tookan using the Auto Assignment feature. So, To enable/disable Auto Assignment go to Menu > Settings > Account Setup > Auto Allocation.
The auto assignment is based on two parameters:

  • Nearest agent (based on displacement)
  • Available agent (based on the time slot)

Based on the requirement of your business please set the push notification which is sent to the agents, in one of the following ways:


(Request goes to one agent (nearest & available) first and if the timer runs out or if the agent declines the task, it goes to the second best option. You can set the timer in the workflows)



Batch wise auto assignment works in the form of push notification. After enabling this feature, the tasks will be auto assigned so that the manager can focus on key focus areas of the business like marketing and sales.

This feature is available on the Workflow settings page, (Menu > Settings > Auto Allocation). Select Batch Wise for setting the Batch Configuration.

For any other queries related to Tookan please refer to Tookan Helpdesk.

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