Timezone Setting: Can I Set My Timezone?

Tookan doesn’t allow you to set your own Timezone. It depends on the location of task creation.

For setting timezone in Tookan when you are creating tasks via API, send the value of time zone by checking the time zone of your region. To do so click on the below mentioned link https://timezones.tookanapp.com/ 

When you are creating the tasks through dashboard, the basic login / logout sets the time zone of the system and the value of task creation time automatically aligns with it.

Some additional Information for you

In Dashboard
When a task is created from Tookan Dashboard the local time zone from where the task is being created is considered.
Example: Let’s say a task is created in Singapore, the time zone considered is GMT +8hrs.

In Bulk Upload
In the case of bulk upload of tasks, the time zone of the admin account is taken into consideration while tasks are created.
Example: Let’s say an admin in the US(say A for convenience) has created a manager(say M) in India. When this manager(M) creates tasks using the bulk upload the timezone of Admin(A) and tasks are created in US TimeZone.

Using Tookan API
Tookan API accepts a request body parameter named “timezone” which is the Timezone difference with UTC in minutes. When a task is created with local time(say X), and timezone(+Y). Y minutes are added to X to make it UTC time.

For any other queries related to Tookan please refer to Tookan Helpdesk.

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