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A Missions on tookan consists of multiple tasks belonging to multiple workflows (Pickup & Delivery/ Appointments/ Field Workforce), spanning across multiple days and each task could be assigned to multiple agents.

Features of Missions

  •  Workflows merge – Multiple workflows can be used in a Mission.
  •  Multiple agents to a task – A task within a Mission can have multiple agents.
  • Multiple days – A Mission can have recurring tasks over a span of multiple days.

Let’s take the case of a construction project where there might be a requirement of multiple pick-up and delivery agents, laborers and engineers at the same time. If one has to create individual tasks for each one of them, this might turn into a very tedious job!

So, if a business has such a diverse need, then instead of creating multiple individual tasks it can create just one ‘Missions’ on tookan.

After Mission on tookan; Here’s something on how you can create a tookan task: Task Information

  • Click on Create Task button. You will be redirected to the Create New Task screen with options to:
  • Add Pickup
  • Add Delivery
  • Repeat This Task
  • Agent Assignment

Add Pickup: 

Click on Add Pickup to create a new pick up task. The following form is displayed: 

  • Fill in the details associated with the task.
  • Select the template from the list added by the admin and click Save Pickup.
  • You’ll be redirected to the previous screen.
  • You can now see your task listed, with the option to add another pick up task. This feature is useful when listing connected tasks for multiple pick ups.

Add Delivery:

  • Click on Add Delivery and create a new delivery task with all the corresponding details.
  • After furnishing all the details, click on Save Delivery.
  • Just like Pickup, you can now see your Delivery listed, with the option to add another connected delivery task.

Repeat This Task: 

If this is a recurring task, i.e has to be repeated, toggle the bar right and you can recieve the task information

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