ROUND ROBIN – Auto Allocation

ROUND ROBIN – Auto Allocation :

This new auto assign configuration allows for force assigning the tasks to your agents based on following two params:

  • 1. Maximum number of tasks
  • 2. Radius Limit

The system searches for all the available agents within the radius limit around the task location. Thus system will sort the agents based on the number of tasks assigned to the agent and distance from the task location (in 40-60 ratio respectively),it will filter out all those agents whose tasks’ count is greater than the maximum number of tasks for that day (for which the task is being scheduled). The system will assign the task to the agent on top of this list.

ROUND ROBIN - Auto Allocation

If the system is not able to find any person in the given radius limit, then it searches the nearest agent outside the radius limit and assigns the task to that agent, however still maintaining the maximum number of tasks limit for each agent.
The system will leave the task unassigned, only if no agent with lesser number of tasks is available.

There are certain parameters for ROUND ROBIN – Auto Allocation

  1. firstly Task Allocation Priority – this Let’s you decide the priority on the type of agent whom you want to assign the task.

Default means the system will send the task notification to all riders (Captive or Freelancers)
Captive agent then free lancer agent.
Here the system will send the task notification to eligible captive riders. If none of the captive riders accept the task, the system will send it to an eligible freelancer driver.

Maximum radius: you can define your radius limit and the the system will send the request within that radius.

Start Allocation Before Task Time – This parameter lets you define the time (in minutes) for when you want your allocation to start.

Example: if we set it to 20 mins, it will mean that if a task is scheduled from 10 am

then the system will allocate the task to a driver 20 mins beforehand.
therefore when you define a parameter here

example 20 mins so the system will send the notification or order 20 mins before task Time . Agent will be notified 20 mins prior.

The task will be visible to the admin as soon as the order is placed However the agent will be notified 20mins before the actual time.

Auto cancel: if a task goes unassigned, it will get auto cancelled after the specific limit set.

Other parameters :

ASSIGN TASK TO OFF-DUTY/ LOGGED-OUT AGENT : Assigns task to agents who are off duty.

CONSIDER THIS DISTANCE AS MAX DISTANCE : if you want the mentioned radius to be considered as max distance for which the agents will be searched. this value should be mentioned.

RESTART ALLOCATION IF TASK DECLINE : If the Agent declines the task, auto-allocation will start again andassign the task to another Agent.

SHORTEST TIME : Agent’s ETA calculated on the basis of his current location to next pick up. Make sure Map configurations are updated in Preferences.

PRIORITY TO IDLE AGENT : The priority will be given to the Agent who has high idle time (the timesince the Agent had completed the last task).

Enable priority pooling : the priority is given to the agent who already has a pooled task rather than idle agent. and priority is given to agents who fulfil the pooling criteria/ parameters.

Auto Cancel Settings :If a Task goes unassigned, it will get auto-cancelled after x min, where x is configurable.

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