How to set Send to all – Auto Allocation?

Send to all -Auto Allocation : Sends the task request notification to the Agent available in the task time-slot. Therefore  The system will assign the task to the “Agent who accepts the task request first. thus If no Agent accepts the task, it remains unassigned.”

Send to all - Auto Allocation

Here is a video to understand the send to all – Auto allocation logic.

Apart from send to all – Auto Allocation, other allocation logics include :


Request goes to one agent (nearest & available) first and if the timer runs out or if the agent declines the task, it goes to the second best option. therefore You can set the timer in the workflows


Batch wise auto assignment works in the form of push notification. After enabling this feature, the system will assign the tasks automatically and the manager can focus on key focus areas of the business like marketing and sales.

This feature is available on the Workflow settings page, (Menu > Settings > Auto Allocation). Select Batch Wise for setting the Batch Configuration.

The details about each and every parameter for Batch configuration is below:


  • 1. Maximum Batch Size – This is the maximum count of agents who will be sent a request in an attempt.
  • For example. if in the first system attempt, there are 10 available agents within the starting radius, but the Maximum Batch Size was equal to 5 agents, then the system will send request only to top 5 agents, sorted by distance.
  • 2. Maximum Batch Limit – This is the maximum number of attempts the system will try to search for an agent, before giving the message for Unable to Auto Assign.


Some other miscellaneous features regarding the feature are as follows:

  • 1. When searching for available agents, system automatically filters out people who already have a task overlapping with the task whose assignment is in progress
  • 2. Agents are sorted by a weighted average of proximity from the task and no. of tasks that he already has, but high priority for the proximity parameter
  • 3. Every Agent is sent a request only once during one cycle of auto assignment batch wise


This new auto assign configuration allows for force assigning the tasks to your agents based on following two params:

  • 1. Maximum number of tasks
  • 2. Radius Limit

system searches for all the available agents within the radius limit around the task location.

here system sorts the agents based on the number of tasks assigned to the agent and distance from the task location (in 40-60 ratio respectively), filters out all those agents whose tasks’ count is greater than the maximum number of tasks for that day (for which the task is being scheduled).

The system will assign the task to the agent on top of this list.


This new auto assign configuration allows to assign task to the nearest available agent. You could define the maximum radius here.

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