SMS Related Issues in Tookan

SMS Related Issues in Tookan can be varying depending upon the SMS Gateway integrated.

Some of the SMS Gateways available in extensions

There are various sms gateway which Tookan allows you to integrate. Some of them are GUPSHUP, Twillio, Plivo etc.

SMS settings in Tookan

There are various documents available directing step by step to integrate Tookan with sms gateways, here are some of them listed:

1> Integration with smart gateway :

2> Integration with Bumbl :

3> Integration with Twilio :

Once sms gateway is integrated with the Tookan account, after configuring the platform. Then the second thing which needs to be checked is the balance that is, if recharge is sufficient in the sms account which would allow you to send messages to your customers.

For example in Bumbl, the SMS Related Issues come in Tookan when either the wallet is not recharged or sms gateway is not configured correctly.

Bumbl setup in Tookan

It is important to take into consideration that the sms gateway is properly configured. For the integration with any other local SMS gateway the request can be shared with the concerned representative or Account Manager who is in touch with you.

This is all for the various sms issues in Tookan, help us know if there is any feedback will be happy to work on it!

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