Manager tries to create any task, new customers are not showing

If you get issues while Manager tries to create task mark Customer Data Protection setting from settings>preference>Customer Data Protection to control the accessibility of your customer’s data across teams. If this option is selected, managers will be limited to only customer profiles who have previously had tasks in their assigned teams.

Know more about Managers in Tookan

Manager will be the person who the admin can appoint to manage the operations.
He will have limited access and not all the access similar to admin, here’s how you can create a manager on tookan.

Admin can monitor what access he wants to give to his managers

Before creating a Manager or adding a manager to tookan, the Admin would require to create a role for the manager.

Steps to create a Role for the manager :
– Goto Settings > Access Control
– Select Manager from the drop down menu in the black bar
– Click Add Role
– Give the desired permissions to the manager (He will only be able to perform the actions you give him permission for)
– Save

Please refer to the video

1. Admin can restrict the permissions through Access Control
2. Admin can assign teams to Manager- he will only see agents from these teams on his dashboard
3. Admin can assign forms to the manager which he will see on his dashboard
4. Admin can assign templates to managers so he can also edit templates as per his requirements

After the Admin creates the manager on the Admin Dashboard the manager will receive an email with his login credentials and URL on which he can login.

Look for the possible error and solution here

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