Where do earnings appear on tookan?

Earnings appear on tookan in agent, app to see the earnings go to the side menu and open earnings tabs to check the earnings
On dashboard, the earnings are visible with the task and in map view and list view also visible in Analytics

This add-on allows you to track your agent’s earnings & task pricing with configurable rule settings. You can pay compensation to your agents or calculate pricing for the customer on any value in the custom fields of the template. Once activated the Earning & Pricing data is displayed in the Analytics section on Dashboard as well as Earning & Pricing tab in Agent App.

Pricing refers to the delivery charge that we take from the customers
Whereas Earning is the commission that agent gets while doing that task

Hence, this extension facilitates in ease of operations, you can carry out and streamline daily activities effortlessly.

You can set the agent earning & pricing rule by activating extension agent earning & pricing > settings > Template > select template > edit > Add task pricing and agent earning rule. You can also configure base distance fare and extra fare per unit by going to templates.

Steps for activating Task Pricing and Agent Earning:

  • Activate Earning & Pricing add-on from Tookan Extensions Go to Menu > Extensions > Activate Task Pricing and Agent Earning
  • Go to Dashboard > Settings > Templates > Select a template > Edit > Task Pricing & Agent Earning > Add Rule
  • A pop-up box opens up for adding an Earning & Pricing Rule.
  • Enter the values in the fields and Save it.
  • Select that template while creating a task to apply that rule for that task. Your Earning & Pricing Rule is configured.

Note: You can have more than one rule for a template. The latest rule will be active.

agent earning info

where do earnings appear on tookan

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