Agent Location: Can’t See My Agents On The Map?

To see the agent location on map please make sure you are on map view of dashboard. In list view you can’t see real-time tracking of your agents.

Agent Location: Importance of driver tracking

Driver tracking assists you with keeping drivers on time, figure ETAs, and change courses to incorporate extremely late requests and changes. It can likewise diminish driver issues like speeding or forceful driving, which increment the mileage on your vehicles and the danger of mishaps.

You can execute following by introducing an equipment global positioning framework inside your vehicles. A less difficult option is to utilize a portable application on your drivers’ cell phones. Your dispatchers and managers need that information when trying to fit in last-minute orders and changes.

With real-time locations from a GPS tracker, your staff can easily distribute new orders to the drivers that make sense. For example, to drivers who are already headed back into the depot. Knowing where your drivers are, and how many packages are left in their trucks, also lets your managers forecast available inventory. Real-time GPS data is integral when trying to maximize the number of orders your fleet handles.

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