reCAPTCHA for Customer signups

reCAPTCHA for Customer signups We have now integrated reCAPTCHA with Yelo for customer signups on our Web app and mobile Hybrid apps. This integration enhances the security of the signup process, providing an additional layer of protection. To enable this feature from your storefront admin dashboard go to Settings>Customers> Customer […]


Branding lets you add and update logos for web applications and admin dashboards, get your email whitelisted connect your domain with Yelo. In this section we will cover the branding setup for: Webapp Dashboard Add Domain

Web App

Web App From this section, you can update the following for the web application: Web Logo: You can upload or edit the web logo. This will be displayed on the header of the web application. You can upload a PNG or JPG/JPEG image in the mentioned dimension. Fav Logo: You […]


Notifications Notifications are triggered by events, like a new order being placed, or an order being fulfilled. They’re sent to you, your staff, or your customers, depending on the event as well as your notification settings. You can enable, and disable notifications for events and also edit the content of […]

Setting Up Catalogue

Catalogue is a collection of items/products offered by a business. The catalogue serves as a marketing tool to showcase the variety of products available, making it easier for customers to compare and select the items that best suit their needs or preferences. Click “Catalogue” to add your products and categories. […]

Market Your AI Store

Marketing Your Online Store It’s important to market an online store to increase sales, build brand awareness, and maintain competitiveness in the digital marketplace. Promo Codes Promo codes are an effective marketing tool that helps customers and businesses both. They promote sales, increase customer engagement, and provide a win-win situation […]

Signing Up For Yelo Store AI

STEP  1: Go to the Yelo Jungleworks website here. Open a web browser and navigate to Yelo Jungleworks’ official website at STEP-2: Navigate to products and then click on Store(AI-powered) Yelo offers a 14-day free trial to set up your online store  click on “Start your free trial”. STEP-3 To create […]

Set-up Customer Subscription

Subscriptions models are the business models in which customers pay a recurring price at regular intervals to get access to the products. If you have a marketplace with Yelo, you can also set up a subscription for the customers. To set up the customer subscription: In the left-hand sidebar of […]

Customer Login restriction

If this feature is enabled, you can restrict the users from accessing the platform without login. The Customer will get an option to login at the home page once logged in, then only he access the rest of the forum. Follow the steps to enable it:- Go to the Settings […]