New Theme: Grocify

This new theme Grocify helps you provide a very mobile-friendly UI for the customers on the platform. This theme can aid your marketing efforts and help you provide a modern and sophisticated UI for hybrid app-based mobile users or web-based mobile users. Please follow the steps mentioned below to set […]

Catalogue Bulk Import

Why the menu is not added the to catalog section on the admin dashboard after the CSV file has been uploaded? Example of the problem: “I downloaded the sample CSV file, made changes to it, and uploaded it. I got an email that has been uploaded. But it doesn’t reflect […]

PetPooja Integration

“My online store delivery status screen is showing an error for Yelo merchants” Example of the problem: You may see this error due to following reasons: Configuration error which means that the app key, access token, restaurant id or app secret key are incorrect  An issue at Yelo API or […]

Device Filter

With this new feature of Device Filter, the admin can filter out orders on the basis of the device the customers are using. With this new release, you will be able to monitor the device type your customers are using on your platform and plan your activities accordingly. You run […]

Why is there no notification sound in merchant application?

Why is there no notification sound in the merchant application? You may face this issue due to either: Admin Restaurant notification events are not being enabled for the specific event Notification setting in the admin panel being set to “No sound” Merchant has muted notifications for the Yelo merchant application […]

FAQs Yelo

Why are restaurants are showing closed in the application? Why is there no notification sound in the merchant application? Why am I seeing “This store unable to deliver at your location”? PetPooja Integration Catalogue Bulk Import Do category ID and product ID in catalogue bulk import CSV need to be […]

Stripe GPay/APay

Works on webapp and hybrid apps only, not on Yelo native apps. Stripe Apple Pay works only on Safari browser and Stripe Google Pay works only on Google Chrome Browser. For Stripe Google Pay, cards must be added in the browser and for Stripe Apple Pay, cards must be in […]