Add-ons From now onwards admin/merchant/manager can create Global add-ons for their merchants and assign them to multiple products. Earlier admins had to create product-specific add-ons. How to create Add-ons? Step 1: On the top of the catalogue page is a new Add-ons Button from which the admin/merchant/manager can create Global […]

How to set up the Bluetooth Printer with Yelo?

How to set up the Bluetooth Printer with Yelo? To set up the Bluetooth Printer, kindly follow the steps below: Step 1: Pairing Bluetooth Printer with Device To initiate, and ensure seamless printing of orders, begin by pairing your Bluetooth printer with your device. Activate the Bluetooth printer, ensuring it’s […]

How to Setup Taxes Based On Payment Method

Taxes Based On Payment Method In response to regional taxation requirements, our platform now dynamically adjusts taxes based on the chosen payment method. This ensures compliance with tax regulations and provides a seamless experience for both administrators and users. For example, in regions like Pakistan, where Value Added Tax (VAT) […]


ORDER FAILED WEBHOOK EVENT  Go to  Integration > Webhooks > Custom > Webhook Integration  Select EVENT as ORDER_FAILURE  Add your “webhook URL” and auth token There can be 3 types of failure events as 1) “payment window expires” 2) “invalid job request” 3) “task creation error” For this event, the […]

Yelo Account Migration

Yelo Account Migration This documentation aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the account migration process on the Yelo platform, emphasizing the key considerations, consequences, and potential challenges associated with upgrading or downgrading between different account types.  Account Hierarchy Yelo platform offers three primary account types arranged in a hierarchical […]

Reporting an Error

Understanding API Errors and Providing Effective Support Introduction APIs/Open API-related issues are common queries that users may encounter while interacting with our systems. To provide efficient support and resolve these issues promptly, it is essential to gather detailed information. This document explains the importance of curl requests and guidelines for […]


Themes In the context of an online marketplace or website, a theme refers to the overall design and layout that customers see when they visit the site. It is a pre-designed template that determines the visual appearance and organization of different elements on the webpage. Themes are customizable and allow […]

Using Google Calendar with Yelo

Overview This guide will walk you through the process of integrating Google Calendar seamlessly with Yelo. This integration allows you to leverage the power of Google Calendar for efficiently managing booking/appointments created on Yelo. Integration Steps Step 1: Obtain Google Calendar Credentials To get started, you’ll need to obtain Google […]

Using Custom Delivery Management Systems (DMS) on Yelo

Introduction This guide will walk you through the process of integrating and using custom Delivery Management Systems (DMS) on our platform. By customising your DMS, you can enhance your delivery operations and provide a seamless experience to your customers. Steps to Integrate Custom DMS on Yelo Accessing Integration Settings: Log […]