Sunmi V2 Printer

This Printer is compatible only with updated Hybrid applications.     About Sunmi App Market Every Sunmi partner can register a Sunmi partner account on Sunmi’s official website to have his/her own operation background. In principle, every Sunmi device will be bound to a partner account number when it is sold […]

Mpaisa Integration

Integrating payment gateways( M paisa) into your marketplace is easier with Yelo.    1 > On your Yelo Admin dashboard, On the top right corner click on Extensions >> More.   2 > You’ll see the available integrations. On the search bar type MPaisa and then All you have to do […]

Exotel integration

1 > Steps to integrate the Exotel with Yelo 2 > Header (sender ID)  Registration 3 > Sending SMS using Exotel with DLT template 4 > TRAI Regulations on Commercial Communications (DLT portal) – SMS in India 5 > Some common pointers to ensure template matching succeeds       […]

Tax inclusive product pricing

Tax Inclusive Product Pricing  There are two types of methods to apply tax on items. As a consumer, it can be confusing and time-consuming to understand if the cost of an item will increase when you go to checkout. For business owners, it’s essential to know the difference between Tax […]

Domain Pointing

Domain Pointing Connecting your domain name to the web host server is important to make your website live. It is one of the last steps to take before making your website live. To do Domain Pointing with Yelo: 1 > Firstly, you need to log in to your domain provider […]

Razorpay UPI webhook setup

RAZORPAY UPI WEBHOOK SETUP   1. Log in to your Razorpay dashboard.   2. Go to the Razorpay menu module of the dashboard >> click on the settings .   3. The settings page for Razorpay will appear >> click on the add new webhook.   4.  Once click On […]

Users analytics

Users In this tab, you can view data for all Customer Registrations, Merchant Registrations, Referred Customers and Referred Customer Details. Customer Registrations: This line graph represents the number of new customer registrations on the platform for a given date. Merchant Registrations: This line graph represents the number of new merchant […]

Engagement analytics

Engagement Here, you can view data for User Onboarding Funnel, Registered V/s Transacting Users, Orders per Users, and Daily Active Users. User Onboarding Funnel: This funnel represents the number of users (both in figures and percentage) for 4 stages. It starts with the number of users who have registered on […]