How does merchant search work in Yelo?

How does merchant search work in Yelo? In Yelo if the admin searches a merchant by a keyword then the merchant whose first name consists of the keyword will be shown. If the keyword is the second name of a merchant, the search will not show that merchant. Refer screenshots […]

Search Tags

This new feature of Search Tags helps you to create a more advanced search functionality for the customers on the platform. Search Tags lets you search products by more than one identifier/name compared to the default search function of finding a text match in the title. You can search for […]

New Theme: Grocify

This new theme Grocify helps you provide a very mobile-friendly UI for the customers on the platform. This theme can aid your marketing efforts and help you provide a modern and sophisticated UI for hybrid app-based mobile users or web-based mobile users. Please follow the steps mentioned below to set […]

Catalogue Bulk Import

Do category ID and product ID in catalogue bulk import CSV need to be filled by us? No. The category ID and product ID need not be filled by the client, it is generated in the backend once the catalog is uploaded.

Catalogue Bulk Import

Why the menu is not added the to catalog section on the admin dashboard after the CSV file has been uploaded? Example of the problem: “I downloaded the sample CSV file, made changes to it, and uploaded it. I got an email that has been uploaded. But it doesn’t reflect […]