How to Book specific agent for a service

Now the Customers can directly book-specific Agents for their Appointments while using the Service Level Scheduling (Service Marketplace) flow. Allowing them to choose their service professional and giving you the edge of providing a more comfortable and familiar experience. Learn how to do so by following the steps below: Go […]


Why is there no Analytics section visible on my dashboard? This may occur when you have enabled Multi-Currency on your platform. When multi-currency is enabled, a few features including analytics do not work. You need to disable the toggle of Show currency To Stores in Preferences in Configure. How do […]

User tags

Log in to Yelo and go to your MarketPlace Dashboard. From the side, menu bar, select General Settings under Configure option. Select Preferences general settings Scroll down and find User tags Add tags.  Here, we have used two tags(retailers and wholesale), as an example. Enable “Customers can see the Merchants with the same […]

Stripe Integration Guide

Stripe Integration Step 1: Login into the Stripe dashboard using your live login credentials. Step 2 : After login, this dashboard will appear. Now disable the “Test mode” as marked in the below image. Step 3 : After disabling the test mode, click on “Developers”. Step 4 : Now click […]

Paytm and Paytm_UPI Integration Guide

 PAYTM AND PAYTM_UPI Login to your Paytm Dashboard. ( After logging in, Go to Developer settings. Now select the API keys and generate your Test or Production(Live) API keys. Now login to your Yelo Dashboard Click on the top right Integrations icon and click on payments. Now search Paytm and […]

Viva Wallet Webhook Configuration

Viva Wallet Webhook Configuration   Step 1: Login to Viva dashboard. Step 2: Click on the “SELECT” button. After clicking on “SELECT”, the page below will appear. Step 3: Click on “Sales”. Step 4: Click on “Online Payments”. Step 5: Click on “Website/Apps”. Step 6: Click on “Add Website/App” in […]

Gift cards

A gift card is a prepaid card that contains a specific amount of money available for use for a variety of purchases. These are a form of promotional debit cards loaded with funds for future use. You’ll get your gift card in a digital code format by email. Any customer […]

Search Sidebar

The Yelo platform with all its different functions and configurations can sometimes become a little daunting for new users to maneuver. The easiest way to look for your desired functionality is now available in the form of a Global Search option on your Admin/Merchant Dashboard. Learn how to take full […]

How to transfer Products from One category to another

How to transfer Products between different categories You can now change the category for your products from the catalog with few simple steps. Follow the steps mentioned below, and you’ll be good to go. Login to your admin dashboard & open the merchant for which you need to make changes. […]