An on-demand business marketplace needs to be powered by the right extensions and integrations to function smoothly. Our enviable selection of extensions will help you optimize your business with minimal effort. Some of our most popular extensions include:

  1. Tookan: This efficient extension offers a host of delivery management solutions, including automated dispatch, real-time tracking, route planning and more.
  2. Hippo: A smart chat bot and live support software that allows you to engage, route and convert hot leads in real-time.
  3. T&C Generator: Create customizable Terms & Conditions documents for all the parties you do business with using this convenient T&C Generator.
  4. Xero: Let this cloud-based accounting software platform handle all accounting work for your on-demand business.
  5. Bulbul: Give your sales and customer service a justifiable boost with Bulbul’s intelligent sales CRM solutions.
  6. Kato: Make better business decisions with the insights presented by Kato’s comprehensive business intelligence and analytics suite.

Other highlights of our extensions include; 100+ payment gateways, 15+ Global languages, social media and communication integration and more.

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