Agent App – Offline Capability

Agent App – Offline Capability

Tookan’s agent app offline capability gives the power to your field workforce to work anytime and anywhere — — totally unplugged.

The application lets you access and take action on all your tasks for the given day without the internet connection.

Easy Access

Easily access all the task details, customer name, address, notes, custom fields and all other task related information.

Offline Actions

You can take all the actions in the offline mode, that you can while online. Call or message the customers, add notes, add images, add a signature or add/update custom fields.


Easily update the task milestones during the offline mode. You can start the task, arrive (depending on your business type workflow) and complete the task.

The major milestone timestamps (like start time, successful time etc) will always show the actual times and not synchronization time.

Auto Synchronization

Once back online, any action in the app will automatically sync all your offline activity back to your manager’s dashboard. Depending on the number of tasks/actions taken, the sync might take a few minutes.

How to activate offline capability for your account?

Go to Menu > Extensions > Activate Offline Sync

Agent Mobile App – Offline Capability

Once you activate it from the admin dashboard, your agents would need to log out from the mobile app & login again (or kill/open the app).

Note: The geo-stamps (location) and the timestamps are captured on every action taken by the agent and are accurate in most of the scenarios, however, the accuracy might get hampered due to multiple reasons during the offline mode. If your business involves agent payment based on the distance traveled or similar activity, we recommend not to use the offline mode.

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