Task Details

Task Details

Tookan enables you to check the task’s status and details in simple steps:

  •  Go to the Tasks panel on the Tookan dashboard. Click on Tasks and a complete list of tasks will open.
  •  Click on the task that you want to view details of.
  •  A small window will slide from the right where you can see all the Task Details.

You can see the following information:


  •  Status: Displays the task status.
  •  Task Description: Any additional comments or instructions.
  •  Start Before: Time when the agent commences the task.
  •  Complete Before: Indicates Task completion time.
  •  Tracking Link: You can share the tracking link with your customers.
  •  Team: Name of the team to which agent belongs.
  •  Agent: Name of the agent.


  •  Name: Name of Customer.
  •  Phone: Contact number of customer.
  •  Email: Email address of the customer.
  •  Address: Address of customer.


View task history details such as date of task creation.


See if a task is connected to another task (Pickup and Delivery tasks):

Select List View > Turn on toggle “Merge Connected Tasks”

With this option Pickup and Delivery tasks appear together.

Click on three dots icon to perform any of the following:

  •  Edit Stop: You can edit the task details.
  •  Duplicate Stop: Save time when creating similar tasks. Autofill task details in the form.
  •  Export Stop: You can download the task details in CSV format.
  •  Delete Stop: Delete the task.
  •  Reassign Agent: You can reassign an agent to the task.
  •  Change stop status: You can change the task status. Select status from the drop-down list.

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