Customer login restriction

If this feature is enabled, you can restrict the users from accessing the platform without login. The Customer will get an option to login at the home page once logged in, then only he access the rest of the forum. Follow the steps to enable it:- Go to the customer […]

Customer Signup template

The signup template is used to collect any additional information from a customer apart from the necessary information. You can ask for their address or any other information suitable to your Product and be defined in terms of numbers, text, email, dates, etc. You can access the signup templates following […]

Signup verification

You can choose to verify customers using either OTP or email verification.  If OTP verification is enabled, the Admin needs to configure an SMS gateway account with Yelo from the extensions using which OTP will be sent to the Customer.Go to the extension >> Enable the SMS gateway. Enable the […]

Social Logins

A seamless signup experience is crucial to onboard customers and gets them to explore and eventually shop from your online marketplace. To create a functional customer sign up process, you can control the required fields and other details as the Admin. Here’s how: Go to the Customer page under User […]

Bulk Export Customer Details

Using the bulk import option, you can download a report of the customer details. To bulk import, the customer details follow these steps:- Go to the Customer’s page under the general subhead in the left sidebar. Click on the export customer icon on the top right corner. Enter the email […]

Bulk Upload Customer Details

To bulk upload customer details, follow these steps: Go to the Customers page available under the General subhead in the left sidebar. Click on the Import Customer icon on the top right corner. Download the CSV file template with sample values for adding customers. Update the downloaded file with customer […]

Block/Delete a Customer

A customer can be blocked/deleted by the Admin. Follow these steps to block/delete a customer: Go to the Customers page available under the General subhead in the left sidebar. A list of all the customers currently available on your platform will appear in the Customers page. Click on the horizontal […]

Edit Customer Records

To edit customer records, click on the three horizontal ellipses on the right side and click on Edit. You can edit the Customer’s name, number, etc. Steps to edit the customer details: Go to the General module on the left side of the dashboard >> click on the customers. Click […]

Accept/Reject Order

As the dashboard admin, you have the option to accept or reject orders. This is useful when you’ve limited inventory and watch to control how many orders you accept in a day. To enable this, follow these steps: Go to Dashboard > Configure > Order Settings > Orders To enable […]

Edit Order -Yelo Helpdesk

Edit Order Edit Order feature, as the name suggests, allows the admin to edit an order after the customer has placed it. You can use this feature to support better customer satisfaction and to get rid of the mistakes that a customer might want to change after it is too […]