Where is the combined CSV button located? The combined CSV button is located in the Import / Export page on the right corner of the Products page. Please note that the combined CSV button is only available for the product marketplace. Why does CSV file show the following error: Parent […]

Importing a combined CSV Catalogue

Importing a CSV catalogue is a convenient way to update product/service details on the marketplace. If you’re looking for a way to update categories, products and add-ons with a combined CSV file, follow these steps: Click on the Import / Export button available in the right corner of the Products […]

Customizing the Product Dashboard

You can customize the product dashboard to suit your preferences. Changes you make to the product dashboard include: Updating the language: To change the language, follow these steps: Click on Settings under the Account subhead in the sidebar menu Go to Language, the second tab at the top of the […]

Catalogue Layout

The layout is how the products and categories visually appear in your website or mobile app. An important part of the customer experience, the catalog layout needs to be both visually pleasing and well-thought-out. You can select the layout for your categories and products using your Yelo dashboard. Here’s how: […]

Updating Product Details

Once you add a product to your catalog, it appears in the third and final card of the Products page. Labeled Product Details, this section displays the details you entered while adding the product, as they would appear to customers. The product name, image, price, description, long description, variants/add-ons, and […]

Payment Gateways

With businesses moving online, equipping your online marketplace with a secure and trustworthy payment gateway is essential. Our platform allows you to integrate your marketplace with 50+ payment gateways around the world, with new gateways being added every month. Some popular payment gateways available on our platform include: PayPal PayTM […]


As a marketplace admin, you can choose to charge a transaction fee/commission fees from each paid transaction in your marketplace. To enable commissions, follow these steps: Go to Commissions under Order Settings in the Configure section of the sidebar menu Toggle the Commission switch on, available on top of the […]


Referral code is a unique number assigned to a customer account. A customer can use this code to refer friends to your marketplace and get rewarded. When a customer refers a friend to your marketplace, their referred friends get some amount (defined by admin) off of their first order. Referral […]


The purpose of a promotional banner is to promote a store. It can be used to display offers, new available items or discounts, etc. The promotional banner can be added from the admin dashboard. In the sidebar, navigate to Promotions under the Marketing subhead and click on Ad Banners. Here […]

Content Pages

Our platform allows dashboard admins to customize various visual features of their marketplace including adding new content pages to the marketplace to enhance customer experience. These customizations allow marketplace admins to personalize their sites. Here’s how you add content pages to your marketplace: Go to the Content Pages page under […]