Manager can be any user created by the admin with restricted permissions. To add any manager go to Configure > User Settings > Managers In the Managers page, click on the Add button on the right corner and fill the following fields: Name Email: Manager’s email which will be used […]

City Level Config

City config allows you to define delivery charges at the city level. You can also assign different merchants to a city and then can assign the city to a manager to carry out its daily operations. Geofence: A geofence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. Different geofences […]


Create actionable marketing campaigns that drive business with our expansive suite of marketing tools. Promo Codes: Promo codes are exclusive discount vouchers that can be redeemed by the customers during the checkout process. You can create customized promotional codes with a detailed description that will be visible to your customers […]

Order Settings

As the Admin, you can control every aspect of your on-demand business from the dashboard. Order management setting that you can modify from the dashboard include: In this Section Veg only filter Admin approval of products Business category Side Order Outstanding payments Payment Option Payment Settings Checkout template Accept/Reject Order […]


These are general settings that impact both the admin dashboard and merchant and customer apps. Preferences you can modify include: Currency: Choose the currency in which your marketplace will operate. Make sure that currency is supported by your payment gateway Currency Formatting: Choose the currency format in which your marketplace […]

Administrative Dashboard

The home base of the marketplace admin, the administrative dashboard, is where all the action is. Here, as the Admin, you can onboard merchants, build a catalog, view previous and ongoing orders, track analytics, create discounts and promo codes, define user settings, manage push campaigns and SEO, and do a […]

Merchant Apps

Merchants you partner with access the apps that allow them to perform a range of tasks by adding or updating product details, modifying prices, uploading images, etc. Using our merchant apps, merchants can also track how well their products or services are doing with up-to-date analytics. Know More How do […]

Customer App

We offer apps to facilitate customer order on the go with fully responsive apps for Android and iOS. Our customer apps provide a bevy of user-friendly features, including chat support, marketing pushes, social signups, real-time tracking, etc.

Custom Role Management

As the dashboard admin, you can add users/managers with different roles to help you run the marketplace. Typical functions you can add users for include marketing, support, order management, business development. Follow these steps to add new roles to your dashboard: Click on Roles under User Settings in the Configure […]

Where to go for help?

Getting help has never been easier. We understand that getting the hang of a new marketplace dashboard can be challenging. To that end, we offer multiple support channels that are available for you. These include: Guide: We’ve put together an all-inclusive product guide that’s designed to answer all your queries […]