Yelo is a flexible and scalable marketplace platform built for diverse B2B and B2C models. The SaaS-based, DIY(Do-It-Yourself) marketplace platform takes care of end-to-end requirements of online merchants. Truly mobile ready marketplace platform uses the next generation technology-stack to build stores that perform seamlessly on all mobile devices as well […]


“Yelo” builds online storefronts and online marketplaces for entrepreneurs, businesses, and communities who wish to list stores and sell products or services. Yelo offers a hassle-free onboarding process and intuitive user interface through our self-service product that allows you to build your online marketplace in a matter of minutes, all […]

Delivery Settings

As the dashboard admin, you can define delivery settings for all products/services sold in your marketplace. From the delivery time to a delivery charge, you can set and change every aspect of how products/services are delivered to your customers. Your delivery settings can be accessed from the Delivery page in […]


The Customer is the end-user purchasing products/services. To find customers on the admin dashboard, click on Customers under the sidebar menu’s General section. The list of customers enrolled on the platform will appear. In this section 1 > Action on customer records. View customer records Edit Customer Records Block/Delete a […]


Why is a merchant on my platform not visible on the web page? This happens when the admin has set a serving radius and the merchant is not a part of the mentioned serving radius. Why are admin/merchants unable to create an order for service marketplace? They can only create […]

Onboarding through signup

Yelo allows merchants to onboard onto the dashboard themselves by following the steps below: The Merchant will receive a signup link from the dashboard admin. The signup link can be generated by following these steps: Configure >> User setting >> merchant >> Signup. Enable the Toggle to generate the signup […]

Onboarding by admin

Your online marketplace will be run by an admin, which could be you or someone appointed by you, and managers created by the Admin. To onboard merchants via the Admin, follow these steps To onboard merchants via the admin, follow these steps Click on the “Merchant” tab on the left […]

FAQs -Yelo Helpdesk

I have created the product-wise discount but it’s still not reflecting on the website Why? Go to store >> catalogue >> edit the product >> add the discount you have created in the discount column >>  then click on the Save button. The discount will reflect on the website. How […]

Setting up a Promotional Banner

Setting up a Promotional Banner The Promotion Banner allows you to place a catchy banner on the store that’s offering discounts or special offers. An admin can set multiple promotional banners for a single store. The promotional banner can be added from the admin dashboard >> marketing >> ad banners. […]