Our dedicated Orders page, available under the General subhead in the left sidebar menu, allows you to manage all new and existing orders. The Orders page is divided into four sections based on the order status, Pending, Dispatched/In progress, Completed and Cancelled. The orders page allows the admin/merchant to focus […]


Admin can create a number of roles with a set of permissions like orders, restaurants, catalog, configurations, customer, promo codes, and banners. Further, while adding a manager he can simply assign a role to that particular manager. To define roles with permissions go to marketplace >> roles >> add role


Who are managers? Manager can be any user-created by admin with restricted permissions. How do we add managers? To add any manager go to General >> Manager >> Add manager Add Manager Name Email: Manager’s email which will be used for login also. Phone number Password: Admin can set a […]

Adding Products

Products are the actual goods and services listed under each category you create. When selling anything online, it’s imperative that you update all product /service details accurately since what they see on your marketplace is the only point of reference for a customer. You can add the name of your […]

Defining Categories

How well you categorise your catalogue has a direct impact on the customer’s experience and hence your profit. A well-organised catalogue with distinct categories is much more likely to help prospective customers make the purchase than a catalogue that isn’t clearly defined. For instance, for a food delivery business the […]

Setting Up a Catalogue

Welcome to the Products page, the home base of all your cataloging efforts. Here, you can do everything from adding a new product category to updating inventory for individual items and much more. The Products page is available on the left sidebar menu, under the General subhead. Here’s everything you […]

Catalogue – get Started with Yelo

A business catalog is an all-inclusive list of everything available on its marketplace for sale. It could be products, services, menu, digital downloads, gift cards, or more, depending on the merchants listed. Anything you’re selling on your online marketplace needs to add to your online catalogue. The cataloging process can […]

Content Pages -Yelo Helpdesk

Yelo Marketplace’s customizable homepage allows marketplace admins to customize various visual features of their marketplace. These customizations allow marketplace admins to personalize their sites. You can access the homepage editor in your admin Dashboard>Marketplace>Content.


Manage all your setting related to the delivery of your orders from here. As Yelo is seamlessly integrated with Tookan some of these settings are specific to Tookan. Delivery modes In the hyperlocal product marketplaces like Food, Grocery, a customer can either ask for an order to be delivered to […]