Customer App

We offer apps to facilitate customer order on the go with fully responsive apps for Android and iOS. Our customer apps provide a bevy of user-friendly features, including chat support, marketing pushes, social signups, real-time tracking, etc.

Custom Role Management

As the dashboard admin, you can add users/managers with different roles to help you run the marketplace. Typical functions you can add users for include marketing, support, order management, business development. Follow these steps to add new roles to your dashboard: Click on Roles under User Settings in the Configure […]

Where to go for help?

Getting help has never been easier. We understand that getting the hang of a new marketplace dashboard can be challenging. To that end, we offer multiple support channels that are available for you. These include: Guide: We’ve put together an all-inclusive product guide that’s designed to answer all your queries […]


Yelo integrations are the APIs available for you to automate your fulfillment process, provide customers with better experience and provide you a competitive edge over your competitors. In this section you will find how to add/use various extensions- Terms and Conditions for Integration Setting up Webhooks Custom Payment Gateway Custom […]

Understanding the Platform

Our platform builds online storefront and online marketplaces for entrepreneurs, businesses, and communities who wish to list stores and sell products or provide services online. Our hassle-free onboarding process and intuitive user interface empower our self-service Product to help build your online marketplace in a matter of minutes, with a […]

Custom Analytics Using Kato

Kato is a powerful analytics platform that lets you visualize your data in many different formats. Yelo is integrated with Kato and gives you the ability to see your Yelo data in Kato itself. You can request a custom report from our support team and we can set it up […]


What is Analytics? No business is complete without knowing the insights like daily/monthly/yearly earnings, daily user engagement etc. This is where our analytics section comes in. The marketplace owner and their respective stores get an analytics section in their panels where they can get to know all these insights. What […]

How To Use

Chat support on Yelo is powered by the Hippo communication platform which enables the customers to interact with the admin team for assistance. How to use the chat support with Yelo? Go to Marketplace > Extensions, enable the Hippo chat support extension. Once enabled, the side menu will have an […]