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A business catalog is an all-inclusive list of everything available on its marketplace for sale. It could be products, services, menu, digital downloads, gift cards, or more, depending on the merchants listed. Anything you’re selling on your online marketplace needs to add to your online catalogue. The cataloging process can […]

Content Pages -Yelo Helpdesk

Yelo Marketplace’s customizable homepage allows marketplace admins to customize various visual features of their marketplace. These customizations allow marketplace admins to personalize their sites. You can access the homepage editor in your admin Dashboard>Marketplace>Content.


Manage all your setting related to the delivery of your orders from here. As Yelo is seamlessly integrated with Tookan some of these settings are specific to Tookan. Delivery modes In the hyperlocal product marketplaces like Food, Grocery, a customer can either ask for an order to be delivered to […]


Currency We support all currencies on our platform. If any currency is not available, you can contact the support and we will get that added. How can we change the currency on the platform? Admin Dashboard  >> configure >> general setting >> preferences >> Select the Currency and update. New […]


Layout  What are banners? Banners are a way to highlight what you are selling and advertise particular businesses/products on your marketplace. Where do they show on the website? Banners show up on the main marketplace page where all the merchants are listed. There is also an option to upload an […]


You can now configure general settings, admin and customer notifications, customer, merchants and business categories in this section. General Time zone: You can set up the operating time zone with respect to the country you operate from. Go to Home >> Marketplace >> Configure >> General >> preferences  >> Timezone. […]

Choose Your Marketplace Type

Yelo has the capability to set up several different types of marketplace, like Food, Laundry, Grocery, etc. You can choose one of these and proceed – the system will automatically be configured as per your choice. The table below showcases the theme you can refer to when setting up your […]

Choose Your Domain

What is a Domain? A domain name is a way for customers to reach your website. You can choose a free domain name for the website of your marketplace. will be configured for your account. You can migrate to your own domain later. What can be entered in the […]

Filling In Personal Details

Fill in the following information to sign up on the platform: Name: Enter the name of the marketplace owner. Email Id: All communication regarding the platform will be shared on this e-mail id. This will also be used for future login. Password: The minimum length for the password field is […]