Choose Your Domain

What is a Domain? A domain name is a way for customers to reach your website. You can choose a free domain name for the website of your marketplace. will be configured for your account. You can migrate to your own domain later. What can be entered in the […]

Filling In Personal Details

Fill in the following information to sign up on the platform: Name: Enter the name of the marketplace owner. Email Id: All communication regarding the platform will be shared on this e-mail id. This will also be used for future login. Password: The minimum length for the password field is […]


Yelo is a flexible and scalable marketplace platform built for diverse B2B and B2C models. The SaaS-based, DIY(Do-It-Yourself) marketplace platform takes care of end-to-end requirements of online merchants. Truly mobile ready marketplace platform uses the next generation technology-stack to build stores that perform seamlessly on all mobile devices as well […]


“Yelo” builds online storefronts and online marketplaces for entrepreneurs, businesses, and communities who wish to list stores and sell products or services. Yelo offers a hassle-free onboarding process and intuitive user interface through our self-service product that allows you to build your online marketplace in a matter of minutes, all […]

Delivery Settings

As the dashboard admin, you can define delivery settings for all products/services sold in your marketplace. From the delivery time to a delivery charge, you can set and change every aspect of how products/services are delivered to your customers. Your delivery settings can be accessed from the Delivery page in […]


The Customer is the end-user purchasing products/services. To find customers on the admin dashboard, click on Customers under the sidebar menu’s General section. The list of customers enrolled on the platform will appear. In this section 1 > Action on customer records. View customer records Edit Customer Records Block/Delete a […]


Why is a merchant on my platform not visible on the web page? This happens when the admin has set a serving radius and the merchant is not a part of the mentioned serving radius. Why are admin/merchants unable to create an order for service marketplace? They can only create […]

Onboarding through signup

Yelo allows merchants to onboard onto the dashboard themselves by following the steps below: The Merchant will receive a signup link from the dashboard admin. The signup link can be generated by following these steps: Configure >> User setting >> merchant >> Signup. Enable the Toggle to generate the signup […]