Setting up a Promotional Banner

Setting up a Promotional Banner The Promotion Banner allows you to place a catchy banner on the store that’s offering discounts or special offers. An admin can set multiple promotional banners for a single store. The promotional banner can be added from the admin dashboard >> marketing >> ad banners. […]

Parameters to be defined

Promo Codes set are editable. You can edit them anytime as per the market trends. Here is the list of parameters you need to define while setting up a new or editing an existing promo code. Promotion Type Promotion Type is an option to choose between a percentage discount and […]

Setting up of Promo Code

A Promo code is a series of letters and numbers that customers can enter into a promotional box on the payment screen to avail some discount on their purchase. Promotions can be set up from the admin dashboard. In the sidebar navigate to Promotions, here you have the option to […]


Promo codes are exclusive discount vouchers that can be redeemed by the customers during the checkout process. You can create customized promotional codes with a detailed description that will be visible to your customers on the web and mobile apps. For example, these are few promo codes that can be […]

Product Catalogue

A business’ catalogue is an all-inclusive list of everything that’s available on its marketplace for sale. This could be products, services, menu, digital downloads, gift cards or more, depending on the merchants listed. Anything you’re selling on your online marketplace, needs to be added to your online catalogue. The cataloguing […]


Anyone selling their products or services on your online marketplace is a merchant. It could mean a product merchant or a service merchant, depending on the type of business. With a dedicated dashboard, merchants listed on your marketplace can update their offerings, modify prices, and change other aspects of how […]