List, Calender And Map View

List, Calender And Map View

To know about List, Calender And Map View –

List View

All the current days tasks appear in a scrollable list view at the homepage of the app. Scroll up and down to view the tasks, and to know their corresponding details, you can click on them.

Calendar View

You can view all the past and the future tasks in the calendar. The Red dot at the top of a particular date signifies the number of incomplete tasks, while the Blue dot at the bottom signifies the total number of tasks assigned to the agent on that particular date.

Map View

You can switch between the List view and the Map view with just a tap. All the current days task appear in a scrollable view at the bottom. Scroll left and right to view the tasks and their corresponding location on the map. Click on the task title to view the task details.

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