Recurring Tasks

Recurring Tasks

A Simple Guide For Recurring Tasks

Recurring Tasks – Create tasks once without any hassles of entering details again and again.

Recurring Task is a feature under Tookan Extensions which lets you create task once, allowing you to enter the frequency i.e. how often you want the task to be repeated. This feature makes it easier for the customer to enter the data without having to enter the details again and again.

The Repeat options include:

  •  Daily.
  •  Weekly
  •  Monthly
  •  Yearly

You can choose the frequency as per your requirement. Once you have logged in to your Tookan account, you will be able to create a New Recurring Task by Activating Recurring Task option in ADD-ONs Section.

Go to Menu > Extensions > Activate Recurring Tasks

After the Recurring Task option is activated, you can create a new task by clicking Create Task on the top right corner of the screen.

There will be a REPEAT option for repeating a task. Click on and you will get the frequency options for repeating a task. The following options are available under Repeat options.

  •  Daily – In daily, the task will be repeated on all days.
  •  Weekly – No.of days the task will be repeated in a week. You will have the option to select the days on which you want the task to be repeated. Eg S- Sunday, M-Monday, T- Tuesday, W-Wednesday, T-Thursday, F-Friday and S-Saturday.
  •  Monthly – In a month which all days the task will be repeated. The task created will be repeated on the same date of every month. Eg, if the task is created on 29th, then it will be repeated on the 29th of next month.
  •  Yearly– The task will be repeated after a year on the date it was created.
  •  Starts On – Indicates the date and time on which the task started. The task will be started at 5:00 as per your time zone.
  •  Ends On – There are 2 options under this-
  •  After – It indicates after how many occurrences the task will end.
  •  On – This indicates the date and time on which the allotted task will end.

After filling all the details, click on CREATE to complete the task.

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