Master Brand

In this article you will learn about: Master Brand Feature How to enable and setup master brand How to set up the master brand catalog Managing inventory in the master brand catalog Master Brand Video Guide   Master Brand Feature A master brand is the main brand name under which […]

Active & Inactive Status

You can now mark the status of your stores as active and inactive directly from the merchant’s page with a click of a button. Once you have marked a store as inactive, its visibility will be removed from your website. Hence the customers will no longer be able to place […]

Peak Hour Notification

  With the peak hour notification feature on Yelo, the administrator can set up peak hours on a particular day of the week to set up notifications in case no orders are received during those hours. These notifications can be helpful to understand the trends of your marketplace or store during […]

Signup on Yelo store from website

Yelo helps you create a seamless digital ordering experience for your own store or launch an ordering platform without coding. To create an online store you need to go through a free 3-step simple signup process where we will ask for basic information, password, and domain creation. Your online store […]

Setup your store

This is the second step required in creating your online store. As soon as you finish this step you will be able to see the admin dashboard. Add store detail Your online store should be unique so that your customers can easily remember it. So add a very good logo, […]


  From direct to consumer brands to local shops, every business is looking to start an online store today. Shoppers are increasingly going online to make purchases that they would have made in person previously. Businesses that used to only have a physical location are now going online to capitalize […]

What is a Smart URL on Yelo?

Smart URL redirects users to specific destinations based on their device. After entering a default URL, users are able to specify to which device-specific URLs they want to direct their traffic. Smart URL is the most popular type and the one that we recommend using. You can use this feature […]

Google Analytics Setup on Yelo

The Google Analytics Setup on Yelo is an important part of setting up a Yelo Account. On this page, we will be showing you Google Analytics Setup on Yelo. Google Analytics Setup on Yelo is a web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization […]