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September 2021

Revamped UI of web:

We have updated the new UI of wallet, gift card, loyalty point and subscription page.

Move products into another category :

Now the admin/merchant can move the products into another category by clicking on the three dots present with the product icon > click on move product > click on the desired category in which you want to move the product > and click on move.

Share Button in mobile view and hybrid apps:

Now the share product icon will be available for the mobile view and hybrid apps.

Now an admin can search the options present in the sidebar from the admin dashboard. For this, the admin has to click on the search button present on the top right side of the dashboard and then enter the option name he/she wants to search.

Referral code on sign up in new hybrid UI:

The referral code option will now be displayed on signup in case of the new hybrid UI as well.

Custom Language:

The admin can now add the desired language for his customer’s platform, web /app directly from the dashboard. For this, the admin has to first go to account > add custom language > mark the availability for the language available for your marketplace> then go to marketplace > update the strings in csv for the added custom language. Done.

Address segregation on admin dashboard:

Now the admin/merchant can see the house/flat no, landmark and postal code in a segregated manner in the order details.

August 2021

Custom order updates

Edit custom order before accepting

Now the admin /merchant can edit the customer order before accepting it from the dashboard.

Display store name or store address in case of anywhere

Now the store name or store address will display in order details when a customer chooses the anywhere option while creating a custom order.

Tax structure changes on the payment page

We have done some changes to the tax structure displaying on the payment page. Now the taxes applied on delivery charges will display below the delivery charges.

Pdf of QR code having store details

Now the merchant can download the pdf of QR code having the store details from the account section.

Schedule order display in service level scheduling in order listing

Now the scheduled time will be display in order listing at the admin/merchant /manager dashboard.

Discount Restructuring

We have done some changes to the display structure of MRP and discount. Now the strike will display on the MRP the same as a discount in the product listing.

Live payment Gateway

New payment gateways Payway, orange money have been integrated with Yelo. Payments can be made easily using these, and many more simple payment integrations. The admin can enable this payment gateway from integration  by simply enable the toggle and entering the required information

Multi-Outlet in case of D2C

Now the customer can access the nearby outlets/merchants from the product listing for the D2C marketplace. The admin can enable this feature from the user settings> merchant > enable show multiple outlet toggle.


July 2021

Configure Different Distance-Wise Delivery Template for On-Demand and Schedule Orders

Now the admin can configure the different distance-wise delivery Templates for on-demand and schedule orders.  For this first admin has to add the template in tookan and then he can select the template in order settings> delivery for on-demand and schedule order.

Filter in Order and Wallet

Now the customer can filter out the order according to the different status on the orders section also the customer can filter the wallet transaction according to the status like Paid, added, deducted, refunded, credited, and failed.

Static Address for Custom Orders

Now the admin can enable the static address for custom orders also. steps to enable the static address are order settings> delivery > enable static address toggle> add address> enable static address for a custom order.

Purchased Gift Card Report

Now the admin can see the all purchased gift card report of customers from the marketing> gift card.

Make Merchant Subscription Optional

Now the admin can mark the merchant subscription as optional. the admin can enable this toggle from the user settings> merchant> enable merchant subscription toggle > Enable this to make subscription plans mandatory for restaurants. After enabling this toggle the merchant will be able to proceed without subscribing to the subscription plan by clicking on skip.

Discount on Add Ons

Now the admin/merchant/Manager can enable the Addon discount for Store/products.

steps to enable the Addon discount are:- Marketing> Promotions > Discount> add/edit discount> Enable discount on add on toggle.

Low Inventory Alert

Now the merchant/Manager can enable the inventory alert on email for products.

First enable the inventory: Merchants > Merchant Name > Catalogue > Product > Enable Inventory toggle.

Steps to enable the inventory alert  emails are:- Notifications > Notification Settings > Admin/Merchant Notifications > Inventory Reminder > Enable the toggle.

Add Service Time in CSV While Importing Catalog for Service Marketplace

Now the admin/merchant can also add the service time in the combined CSV while importing the catalog.

Favorite/Wishlist Merchant

Now the customer can add/mark the store as a wishlist/favorite store. admin can enable this functionality by following steps:

Configure > General settings > Preferences > Enable the favourite restaurants/merchants  toggle.


June 2021

Merchant Subscription Tags

Tags can be assigned to merchant Subscription Plans, allowing them to subscribe according to their choices. Admin can assign the tags from the user settings> subscription.

Login/Signup Using Mobile Number

Merchants can now log in or sign up using their mobile phone number by receiving an OTP. The admin can enable the toggle from user settings > merchant. Prerequisite -> sms gateway should be enabled.

Responsive Customer Apps

Fully responsive mobile apps for Android and iOS make it easy for customers to place orders on the go. Admin can enable this toggle from configure> layout  then enable this toggle Switch Your Hybrid App To Updated UI.

Tookan Tracking SDK

A native integration of the Tookan tracking SDK is built into Yelo’s customer app, making it easy to create applications utilizing it. Admin can enable this from the general setting> preference.

Subscription Plan Renewal

Automatic renewals will be offered to both merchants and customer subscriptions. Admin can enable the subscription plan renewal toggle from the user settings> merchant.

Unverified Merchants Can Create Catalog

For merchants who are not verified, you can create a merchant store, which will only appear to customers after they are verified.

Payment Gateway Integration

New payment gateways, Nuibiz and Epay have been integrated with Yelo. Payments can be made easily using these, and many more simple payment integrations. The admin can enable these payment gateway from integration  by simply enable the toggle and entering the required information.

Referral Statics

You can now keep track of how many people have successfully used a referral code as an admin. Admin can check this from marketing >referral.


May 2021

Primary Sorting of Merchant

Now the admin can Choose the parameter on which you wish to sort and list the Vendor before sorting them distance wise. Admin can select the parameter from the user settings.

Additional Charges

Now the admin can add the different packaging charges from admin dashboard the charges can be applied on the total or subtotal amount of order. The charges can be added from the order setting> taxes ,fees and charges.

GDPR Configuration for Merchant

Now the admin can enable/disable the GDPR configuration for merchant .From the user settings the admin can enable/disable this configuration  .

Custom Tag

Admin can add the custom tag for each merchant according to his requirement . this tag will display on the store listing . the tags can be added from the store details.

Merchant Timings

Now the merchant/admin can show the store timings on the store listing page. The toggle can be enabled from the merchant configuration/preference section.

Share Merchant Page/Profile

Now the merchants can also share the merchant profile from the native app


April 2021

Social Signup/Login for Merchants

Now the  merchants can login/signup using facebook and google also . To enable this feature the admin has to enter the facebook app id and facebook secret key for facebook and google  app client id for the google signup/signin the user settings .

Apply Buffer for Next Days

Now the merchants can set the buffer time for next days also from the merchant configuration/preferences. According to this the buffer will apply on the next day’s starting slots also.

Products Pictures in the Order Details

Now the admin and merchant can see the product images in the order details also .steps to check product images are from the orders click on particular order and check the images in order details

Quantity of the Products in Order Details

Now the admin /merchant can see the quantity of product ordered by customer in the order details.

Food Ready Status

Now the merchant can set the food ready status of a particular order when the food is ready . the admin can enable this from the general settings >preference > enable food ready status.

Order Time Slot in Service Flow

Now in the service marketplace also the merchants can define how many orders they want to receive in the particular time slot . The merchants can add the no of orders in the account > preference> maximum order per slot .

Combined CSV in Service Marketplace

Now the merchant can upload the category and product both using the single csv. For this they can use the combined csv option present in the catalog section steps to upload the single csv are products > import/export> click on combined csv> download the sample > fill the data according to the sample in csv then upload it .

Notification Centre

We have implemented the new tab called notification in the admin dashboard . From the notification logs admin can see all notification logs from the general>notification>notification logs.


February 2021

Self- Served Whitelabled iOS Application – Distributed Apps

Yelo now offers a self-served WhiteLabeling feature for Customer & Merchant Mobile iOS Applications. This enables the customers to have their own branded mobile applications themselves.
This feature is available in the Branding section in the side tab. You can select whichever application you want to Whitelabel and fill the form with App Name & logo file. An Email would be sent to you with the distributed link once the App is computed. Once you signup on to the panel, you would be able to download and Install the iOS Mobile Distribute Build.


January 2021

Self – Served White labeled Apps (Android)

Yelo now offers a self-served WhiteLabeling feature for Customer & Merchant Mobile Applications. This enables the customers to have their own branded mobile applications themselves.
This feature is available in the Branding section in the side tab. You can select whichever application you want to Whitelabel and fill the form with necessary required details like Logo File, Domain, Google Services file etc and download the App Build.
*Currently, this is available for only Android Applications and would be soon available for iOS Applications as well.


November 2020

Custom Delivery partner model

We’ve released Custom Delivery partner model in Yelo through which customers can Configure any Delivery management system with help of Yelo’s custom webhook integration module. All you have to do is to create an API that interacts with Delivery Management system’s API and get the Endpoint URL & Authentication key from the Delivery partner that you wish to integrate. You’ll find this feature in the Integrations tab in the sidebar.
Refer to the Documentation and Video attached below for more info :
Documentation – https://docs.jungleworks.com/yelo/yelo-custom-dms
Video – https://youtu.be/lmlegRG3xOM


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